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Back Problems

Low Back Pain

I've had lower back pains since i was a teenager and it flared up again recently when i was playing 6 a side football. I went to see James and he has helped me alot to make me pain free and my problem more manageable. Great service, professional and private, brilliant! Thanks


Max, 21

Low Back Pain


I had been living with sciatic pain down my leg for around 6months and had been seeing my GP who only gave me painkillers, which did nothing. I was unable to lie flat and unable to bend and lift anything so had to give up going to the gym. I was told about the Rushmere Physiotherapy Clinic from a friend who had been treated there. James examined me and took time to explain the reason for my pain and this helped put my mind at ease. I was taught some exercises to help move my nerve and this helped relieve my pain. After 5 weeks of treatment my pain had gone and I was able to return to the gym. I would recommend James to everyone who needs physiotherapy.


Louise, 29, 2010

Torn Gastrocnemius

On 3rd May '10, I suffered a badly torn Gastronamus in my left leg after struggling with this for five months and getting very frustrated without much sign of any improvement I went to see James. After five sessions of teatment, some sound advise and following his instructions I have noticed a huge improvement. The pains have almost gone, the strength is starting to build up again in the muscle and I am moving a lot freer than I have for months. I also mentioned in passing a problem I had in my neck and this was also quickly rectified. There has been such an improvement that I am hoping to start running again, this seemed an impossible dream a few weeks ago.Thanks for your help James, I would happily recommend you to anyone.


Andy, 56, November 2010

Knee Pain

I was fortunate to be one of the first patients of the Rushmere Physiotherapy Clinic. I was having sharp shooting pains down my shin. This occured especially when kneeling, running and walking up stairs. After my first session at the clinic I was diagnosed with Patella Tendonitis. The physio started me on a course of treatment, which involved ultrasound and electrical impulses, this enabled the tendon to heal faster. A strap was applied after each session to reduce the stress on the tendon allowing me to continue with light excersise. The problem had been progressively worsening for several months before I seeked advice from the clinic, after three weeks of treatment and exercises set by the physio I was able to return to my regular sporting activities. I would definately recommend this clinic to anyone having any kind of physical pain.


Luke, 21

Lower Back Pain

I visted James several months ago with severe lower back pain.  If I think back to my first visit I could hardly lift myself out of the car, I was in so much pain.  After the very first session I noticed a reduction in pain and with the straight forward excercises he gave me it took very little time before I felt back to my old self.  James has the gifted ability of keeping you relaxed and explaining in easy to understand terms how the physiology of the body works.  I recommend anyone who is suffering in silence to pick up the phone and contact him.


Gerry, 28, Janurary 2011


Knee Pain/Runners Knee

Half way through my London Marathon Training I developed severe knee pain making it impoossible to run, thinking my Marathon goal was lost I decided to give Physio a go, this was the best decision I could make, James dealt with my injury superbly, giving me the confidence that I could reach the start line, if I followed his instructions and exercises, I missed nearly 5 weeks running, but by early March I was able to resume running, and yesterday managed to complete my first marathon in under 5 hours, with NO knee pain at all, if you are a runner and need help I can't recommend James highly enough, and even if you're not a runner you won't find a more knowledgeable, understanding, helpful and friendly Physio. Thanks James.


Richard, 41

On my first visit to James he was very quickly able to diagnose the problem with my lower back/buttock and treated it appropriately over three weekly sessions. He advised me all the way and gave me exercises to carry out. Although I hope not to have to return I would not hesitate to do so if I have any further issues. I would highly recomend James for his care and professionalism - what a nice chap !


Sandra, 54, August 2011

Back Pain


I have to say that I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending James - absolutely brilliant.  He is truly very professional, knowledgeable and understanding but also has a friendly manner and is able to answer all questions put to him in a way which everyone would understand.  After having had my problem for over a year and had tests including MRI brain and cervical spine scans, a friend recommended James and I am still having treatment from him.  Without exaggeration he has given me back my life. I wasn't able to go anywhere without feeling dizzy and lost confidence in leaving the house. I have improved greatly and although I have visited different doctors at my practice James was the person who advised me that the problem was Spondylitis. This had never been mentioned before by my neurologist or any of the doctors I had seen. James is a very caring person with a friendly manner whilst maintaining a high degree of professionalism.  If you have a problem which is mentioned on this website that he can treat, don't hesitate to pay him a visit. He is also very affordable.  Thank you James for your help - a really nice guy.


Carrol, 71, September 2012

After injuring my back some years ago and having some not so good treatment at the hospital and suffering some pain I saw James's advert in the evening star, I called and made an appointment and was thinking is this guy going to be like all the rest and take my money and not do anything?


Well i can assure you he is not like the rest, James is a superb Physiotherapist and listened to my problems and got straight to the problem area and after a number of treatments i am pain free for the first time in a number of years.


You will not get a better Physiotherapist to treat you so pick up the phone and make a appointment today, Top Physiotherapist  and I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone, Thanks for all your hard work in making me pain free.


Stuart, 35, September 2012

Neck and Back Pain

James cured my nerve sensation after I had my operation in November 2010 even the consultant said i would have to live with it for rest of my life and take medication for it. James not only cured the burning sensation but also gave me pain relief through dry needling. James is the real deal knows exactly where to find and cure your pains I’ve been to lots of physiotherapists in my time but will stay with James and highly recommend his services to anyone. Lastly he is a pleasant well mannered and dedicated professional.


Kevin, 46, September 2012

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Ankle Pain

I would just like to say that not only did James work and improve what was a very broken ankle, but also treated my aching back and shoulder with acupuncture whilst doing it. I would highly recommend the excellent treatment. You are always made to feel very relaxed, always on time and plenty of parking. I will definitely book again on the excellent online service if I need too.


Wendy, August 2016

Lower Back and Leg

I made my appointment with Pauline with apprehension, it's a longtime since I had any sort treatment for injuries.  I needn't have been concerned.  I was questioned about health etc and then examined first.  I was treated with a small about of massage as I was quite sore, given exercises too and some advice about medication which was really helpful.  Second vist was similar to the first which again was helpful.  I would be happy to come again for treatment.  Another good point I found was I was not pressed to make another appointment, I particularly liked Paulines' manner.  I was recommended to try Rushmere Physio by a friend who was treated by another physio.


Anne, November 2015

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